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So the hopes and dreams for this car were dashed on the rocks of a bad Craig's List purchase (probably a stolen vehicle anyway). The volvo died, after one mechanic put a few hundred dollars worth of fictional work into it and another literally said, "pick it up before it gets a ticket." The next shop wouldn't even fix it, they said ditch it.  Ok we got our money's worth, but the worst part was, after donating it to Habitat For Humanity, a charity, they racked up $250 worth of parking tickets.  We tried for months to get them cleared to no avail. Proving yet again that no good deed goes unpunished.  Shame on you NY City and shame on you Habitat For Humanity.

We're now rolling in my late-grandmother's 2003 Ford Explorer.  Thank you Elizabeth.  We've dubbed it the QE3 - the next name in succession after one of her favorite nautical vessels.

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In order to get to the Villa Straylight, we needed a car. We found one on Craig's list that sounded too good to be true. And even though it's a little early in the game to get a car, we couldn't pass it up. Our 1994 Volvo 850 Wagon is the perfect old car to use in the country. Although there are lots of miles on this one, everyone says Volvos last forever so we are crossing our fingers that this one will last a bit longer.

Our original plan was to park our car at the Port Jervis train station and drive the 20 minutes to the Black Forest Colony. At only $192/year this seemed like the way to go. But we just found out that the station's yearly permit parking is only for 16 hours, not 24, which is putting a bit of a hitch in the plan. I am pretty sure we will be able to figure a way around it though. Having a car in the city is way too expensive and driving out on weekends would be too stressful anyway.
To get the daily station-to-station train schedule, visit the New Jersey Transit website and choose Penn Station to Port Jervis. There is one transfer at Seacacus (one stop from Penn Station). The Port Jervis station is the end of the line. Trip will be about 2hrs 15min to 2hrs 45min.