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After a little bit of research online to find out what kind of rocks are laying about all over our land, we discovered what we have is an abundance of Pennsylvania Bluestone. We are choosing to look at this as a good thing as we can use the stone to build our patio and a stone walkway inside the house. What we don't know is if this will be a problem in excavating the basement. There are a LOT of rocks. Hopefully there isn't a gigantic bolder right under our house site.

Random history note: The Starrucca Viaduct (below) is a bridge built in 1848 made of bluestone that carries the Erie railroad across the  Starrucca Creek in Pennsylvania. It's been in service for over 150 years. Built to last!








We are officially land owners. We went up to Port Jervis to meet with the lawyers and a woman form the title company to finish the paperwork and hand over the check. Now the real work begins.
Sunday we went out to the Black Forest Colony for our first membership meeting. We need to be members of the Black Forest Club to be eligible to purchase property in the colony. What an crazy adventure this little trip turned out to be...
Exciting news. Our offer was accepted by the sellers and we have signed the contract and put it in the mail to the lawyers. Which means we are getting very close to closing. We need to attend a meeting at the Black Forest Colony with the home owner's board on February 17th before we are allowed to close on the land. Six acres of wooded wonderland!


We stumbled upon what looks to be a brief history of the Black Forest Colony online. It might be a rough draft since there was a little note at the end that said "Check for historical accuracy?"

L1000128.jpgWe took a trip to look at all the different lots for sale at the Black Forest Colony.

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