3 Months From Set To Sleeping


A long article on the trials and tribulations of prefab building is yet to come. Only thing I can say with definitive clarity is steer far clear of the factory Penn Lyon Homes. (update 3.21.11: just learned Pennlyon was purchased) Our contact there, Ben Burns lied to us, misled us, missed every deadline that was set, was one of the most unprofessional business people I've dealt with.  On top of that, we are now 10 months from setting the house and they still haven't paid the set crew. They owe us countless thousands of dollars for errors, ommissions and ridiculous mistakes (some of them not even to code).

But all that aside, Hidden Valley Construction, our on-site builders, did a fantastic job and made up for and fixed all of Penn Lyon's shortcomings.

The basic timeline from setting the house to sleeping in it was just over three months. 

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