A House is Born

On Friday 4 December 2009, the Villa Straylight was delivered.  Not without a few hiccups (I'll elaborate later) but now a house exists.

Here's a raw time lapse video of the house being set, I'm choosing my favorite audio track, the rock mashup, I also made a Dub version and a Classical version for your enjoyment.

This time-lapse was shot on a Canon EOS Digital Rebel, using an intervalometer shooting one frame every 5 seconds. We started shooting at 8:30a - 4:45pm. The original material is 1936 x 1288. This was crunched to 726 x 483, using h264 codec out of FCP.

The house was on three trailers. 1 @ 14' x 36', 1 @ 12' x 36' and one with the light scoop and parapet walls to be finished on site. You can see the crane stack the trailers as each one is finshed.


Also, here's a 150 still images, unedited, as a flickr slideshow.

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