Wood Stove


We found this stove at Lowes that is a close enough match and going to the one.



In doing research on stoves we have been in a bit of a quandary because honestly they are all so ugly. Especially the pellet stoves which seem to be especially awkward. There was one model of pellet stove we found that we liked but of course it is only available in Japan. Then we found a wood burning stove that looks good, a blend of classic old-fashioned with clean lines and slightly industrial.


Vogelzang Defender Wood-Burning Stove, Model# TR001

High-efficiency airtight stove heats up to 1200 sq. ft., with a maximum output of 28,337 BTU with Douglas fir, and 68,000 BTU with hardwood. Heavy-duty 3/16in. steel plate construction and fully firebrick lined. Features secondary air reburn combustion system, a cast iron feed-door with gasket, clear-view air-washed ceramic glass, cam-lock latch and cool-touch spring handle. Stove accepts logs 18in. long. One full load burns approx. 8-10 hours. Safety tested to UL 1482.

Then there is the problem of fuel. The reason we have been looking at pellet stoves is because they use electricity to burn sawdust pellets, so it can be a carbon neutral form of heat. We really want a stove though. Compressed sawdust heat logs look like they might be good solution. They are also made from waste sawdust and burn much cleaner than firewood. And we could also use them outside in a fire pit, too. So maybe we can have the stove we want without burning trees. Win-win.

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