Plans in the Making

The Villa Straylight is becoming more of a reality every day. We have been working with Rapson Architects and Wieler Homes to put this project together and so far everything has been moving right along. We have been getting a steady stream of plans from Toby Rapson (whom Stevie had the pleasure to meet in person in Minneapolis last week) and as they get more specific we get more excited. Nate Wieler is in the process right now of looking for a factory that is New York certified to prefabricate the building.

A couple of nifty details have been working their way into the plan. First, is the idea of building the house with two different ceiling heights connected by an atrium with a set of clerestory windows that runs down the middle of the house. Along with some dramatic added height, it will also catch morning light from the East. And the second amazing detail is a stone walkway inside, beneath the atrium, made up of Bluestone rocks that are found in abundance all over our land. Might as well use what you have!

The house will be roughly 1000sq ft with an added 1000 sqft full-height basement. On the main floor, we'll have two bedrooms, kitchen, living room, bathroom and outdoor shower. The basement we are going to leave unfinished for the time being.

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