Membership Meeting

Sunday we went out to the Black Forest Colony for our first membership meeting. We need to be members of the Black Forest Club to be eligible to purchase property in the colony. What an crazy adventure this little trip turned out to be...
Over the past week the area received a decent layer of snow. Then the temperature rose and then it rained and then it dropped and then it froze and voila: a nice thick layer of ice on all of the colony's dirt roads.

The car made it in fine and we had a chance to walk around on the property and take some photos and video. We had a chance to feel how big the lot is and think about where we might want to build.

Then it was time to go to the meeting. The clubhouse is located on the space right behind our lot, good news because that area is part of shared community land and won't be sold as a home lot. The meeting started at 6:00 and it was getting dark. Because of the bad road conditions there were less members than they expected, about 12 people. It was reassuring to meet our soon-to-be neighbors many of whom are retired and have been living there for quite a while. All the paperwork was signed, the pledge of allegiance was recited (cute!). We were on our way out the door when a light mist started falling. One member that had been there for over 40 years said it was the slickest she had ever seen the roads. No joke. We were first in line back up a winding incline when we had to break because of an oncoming truck. That's when we hit the ice and started sliding backwards. Although we are city kids now, neither of us are strangers to driving in icy weather with our combined experience living in Colorado and Minnesota. We knew we were stuck. And unfortunately everyone behind us on the road lost momentum and couldn't make it up the hill either. It was dark and raining pretty heavily now while we stood around with our new neighbors trying to figure out what to do next. Someone called for a truck to put more sand down on the road. After about an hour of waiting we had to give up. Bob Rice, a member of the board, graciously offered to let us stay in his guest bed and in hopes that we would have better luck in the morning. We hiked back in the dark about a mile to his place and tucked in for the night.

Luckily for us, the next morning it was up to 50 degrees and the ice had turned to slush.  The roads were sanded and with a bit of pushing we got the car back on the road.

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