Why the weeHouse?

And why prefab? There are many reasons why this type of building is possibly the only way we can make our dream of a little place in the woods a reality. We both work more than full time, live in Manhattan and don't have time to oversee the construction of a site built house. Having the house delivered already built will make the fact that we can't be at the construction site everyday during the process much easier. Prefab houses are built in a factory so there is less waste than a site built house; extra materials can be used for other projects. And they are manufactured in a climate controlled environment so you don't have to worry about weather delaying construction. WeeHouses are pre-designed so you don't have to pay an architect to design the house. Modern houses like the ones we are interested in would be expensive to have designed from scratch. And we are told the cost is 20% cheaper than a site built home, around $125-200 sq/ft. We also dig that the weeHouses come standard with bamboo flooring and Ikea cabinets, practical options we would have picked ourselves.

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