Septic System Basics

The lot on which we will be building is not on a sewer system so we will need to build a septic system. This is very common in rural areas where the houses are spread out and far away from the city center or in areas where the landscape is too extreme for conventional sewers. We are now in the process of educating ourselves on how septic sytems work. We are pretty sure we will have to do another perc test before we can get a permit to build on our land. The last one was done about two years ago, we think, and the test only lasts for two years. We still have a lot to learn about how it all this stuff goes down. The real estate agent also mentioned that according to the perc test, we will most likely have to build a "mound" type of septic system. Again we still have more research to do, experts to consult and tests to preform on the land before we will know for sure.

This site about how to build a septic system is exhaustive and very easy to understand: How to Build a Septic System


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